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Our web ordering system can be accessed using any of the popular web browsers available including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

To access, simply click the Log In menu option. If you are an existing customer but haven't used this system before speak to your sales account manager to arrange log in details.

Enter your Account Number, User Name, and Password.

If you are unable to log in to the site please contact us or if you are a new visitor click Register to sign up.

Searching for Products

There are several different methods of locating a suitable product:

  • Search Product Code - used to search for a specific product by the product code.
  • Search Product Description - used to search for matching products by title and description.
  • Catalogue Index - navigate products by their respective product groups.
  • Product Headings Menu - a list of key product areas fixed in the menus.
  • Product Finders - some built in tools for locating printer consumables, envelopes and folders.

Once you have found products enter a quantity (to add more than one) and click the plus sign next to the quantity box to add the item to your order.

Search Product Code or Description

This facility is built in to the floating menu at the top of your screen and can be used to search for products by their code or to search all products for items with matching keywords in the descripiton.

To find a known product code from a previous order, invoice or sales quotation, enter the code in the box and click on the adjacent button to proceed. To search for items which contain "keywords" in the description, enter the keywords in the text box, and click the button.

Catalogue Index

While browsing products a catalogue index appears at the top of the product list allowing quick navigation to available product groups. Each heading can be searched by clicking on the name which will display any sub-headings in the catalogue index and show all products that match the selected heading. Clicking on the sub-headings will further narrow the search to only items in the selected sub-heading.
Products are classified to three levels under each category:
e.g. Office Stationary (category) -> Paper (heading) -> Copier/Inkjet/Laser - Paper A4 (sub-heading) -> White 80gsm (type)

Product Headings Menu

On the online ordering section of this website are fixed menus of product categories to provides quick links to the main product areas currently available. In terms of operation this functions in the same way as the catalogue index described above but the menu is always available and can be clicked from any part of the site to quickly jump to products in the selected category.

Product Finders

There are three product finder tools available, one for each of folders, envelopes and printer consumables. You can find these in the Product Finders menu at the top of this page. These tools can be used to locate suitable products for your specific requirements by selecting from the options available to narrow down your search.

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Quick Ordering Tools

Once you have logged in there are a series of account management tools available under the Quick Order menu to make ordering easier.

Order Form

One or more order forms can be created by your sales account manager to group contract priced items into a mini catalogue for easy reference. You can have as many or as few of these are seems suitable so could potentially have one for each department or one for each product type - speak to your sales account manager for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Quick Order

Simply enter a known product code and quantity required to add to your order.

Frequent Buys

Our online system will keep a record of your top 100 purchases visible by selecting the Frequent Buys menu option.
This Frequent Buys feature is bespoke to you; and can be used to see what items you have bought and buy them again easily - simply press the grey plus button on the right of the quantity box to add to your basket.

Contract Pricing

Similar to the Order Form option described above this link will show any and all contract priced items available to you. As with all products on the site these should be listed in sections by product group. Unlike the Order Form this link shows all your contract priced items in a single place.

Custom Catalogue

Our online system allows you to create your own unique "Custom Catalogue". When browsing products, you can add items to your bespoke catalogue by clicking either the description, or the read more about this product option (both underlined), to view the detailed information regarding the item. Once on the detailed information page, there is a clearly visible Add to Custom Catalogue button.

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Order Control

The Order Control section allows access to recent orders, including those that have yet to be confirmed or were saved for later; as well as where you can list any orders awaiting authorisation.

Recent Orders

Our online ordering system will automatically log the last sixty days worth of orders, so that you can track any recent orders.

You can register a query with an order from this menu, which will be received and dealt with by our sales staff the same working day (if logged before 3pm); or crop the products on the order and insert them into your current order.

Unsent Orders

For security purposes, the site will automatically log you out if you do not use it for 20 minutes; and any orders that were unsent because of this will end up in the Unsent Orders section.

Our online ordering facility will automatically save orders that you have created on the site, but were not actioned, for sixty days.

You will be prompted about any outstanding orders when you log back in. Please note, that you must be logged in to your account for the order to save.

Order Authorisation

If applicable users can be set up as Orderers or Authorisers. This enables those without financial control to create orders on the system that can then be amended and verified by approved users.

Authorisers automatically receive an email each time an order has been placed on the system that requires their attention. This email will detail the products on the order and will also contain a link for "quick authorise" without having to log in to the site.

Authorisers have complete control and can always log in and amend / reject individual orders or authorise all. Different levels of control can be enabled for more complicated accounts, speak to your sales account manager for details.

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Checkout and Delivery Options

You can review the contents of your order any time from the View Basket option in the menu at the top of the page. Once you have located all the products you wish to purchase and are ready to proceed click on the Place Your Order button from the View Basket screen.

Delivery Addresses and Cost Centres

Delivery details are populated automatically for most users. If you have more than one delivery address available you need to confirm the delivery address and if required change it using the Change Delivery Address link. If the address you want to use is not listed please contact your account manager to add it to your online account.

Where applicable you can also select the relevant cost centre for you order.

Final Confirmation

Once you are happy with the details of the order, simply click on the Place Your Order button and it will either be sent through to us for processing or to the relevant authoriser(s) for approval.

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Web Reports

There are various reports available under the Web Reports heading which show details of online orders for your account. You can select the relevant time period for reports and show spend by product group, by item and by cost centre.

The Cost Centre report requires that cost centres are setup on your account and users allocated to relevant cost centres. If you have any specific reporting or ordering requirements, please speak to your account manager for more information about configuring this system.

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Further Help

In the first instance if you have any queries regarding your account and how it is set up speak with your account manager. Your account manager will have authority to make amendments to your account including any contract prices and discounts.

If you have any technical queries, regarding the site click on the link below.

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